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This lesson is customized to each individual. It will focus on one or two specific areas such as speaking and reading etc. The goal is to target the students' weakness and difficulties in a specific learning area. The lesson will also follow an intensive goal setting lesson plan. It has elementary and intermediate levels.



The central focus of this lesson is to learn the right way in speaking. After the lesson, the students will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in Chinese. This lesson is designed for the levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced.



This lesson is designed for all types of students who want to learn at their own pace. Students will learn fundamental speaking, listening, reading and writing Chinese. This lesson has elementary and intermediate two levels only.



HSK review is specially designed for preparing HSK test. The teacher will assist students to plan ahead of the lesson and set a learning objective. With the help from the teacher, students will enhance their vocabulary words and practice sample tests.



This lesson is for students who are in elementary or intermediate level. Through the lessons, students will improve their speaking and reading skills in business communication.